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Is this test appropriate for me?

To be eligible for Health Insights, you need to:

  • be invited to sign up by a partner organization offering Health Insights 
  • be between 35 and 70 years old
  • live in the United States, in a state where Health Insights is available

Provided you’re eligible, the test is appropriate for you. It’s a simple saliva test you can do from home. It looks at millions of common genetic variants and how they affect your risk of common conditions.

Keep in mind:

  • This test uses your genetics, age, sex and race (ethnicity) to estimate your risk of common health conditions.
  • Other things, like lifestyle, environment, personal and family medical history, also affect your risk.  The test does not take into account all the factors that affect your risk. 
  • It does not look at all possible genetic variants linked to each condition. For example, it does not look at rare genetic variants.
  • In the laboratory, we analyze your DNA using a tool called a genotyping array. In very rare cases, an individual’s health history can affect the genotyping accuracy. Examples include certain cancers, allogeneic bone marrow transplant, blood transfusions within 7 days of testing, and chemotherapy within 120 days of testing.

For each condition, we combine the effects of millions of variants into a score. This is called a polygenic risk score or PRS. We have developed powerful methodologies to minimize ancestry-related biases in polygenic risk scores so that the scores are relevant to all people, whatever their genetic ancestry.